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About Me

For the 37 years I've been with my husband, our family have always had animals as part of our family.  In the early days we had the usual pets, dogs, cats, fish and so forth. Then introducing a snake, which my mother-in-law didn't appreciate! The range of children’s pets over the years included Tilly a guinea pig who was with us for 9 years and loved very much by our daughter as well as us.

Then we moved to the country and bought a small holding which was the perfect opportunity to introduce other members to our family from ducklings and geese to goats and Shetland ponies.  All our pets have always been very loved, Sabre our GSD, Laddie & Patch our Whippet cross's, Alfie & Lucky our cats at the small holding, they all passed away in our arms over the years except Laddie. Laddie was our rescue dog from the RSPCA and he out lived them all. Sadly, he wasn’t in our arms, when he passed, thanks to Covid! Easter Sunday of the first lockdown the vet came out into the carpark, checked him over and took him away across the carpark. Our final goodbyes were said to him in the car park as we weren't allowed inside the vet's!! Heart breaking to say the least!

So now I've decided to spend the rest of my life, as we find ourselves living in a city for the first time ever, walking and caring for other people’s dog's and pet's. My love of the outdoors, my love of animals and my choice to spend the second half of my century doing what I love, every day has led me to doing qualifications to improve and update my knowledge for this next direction in life. To say I am excited about the future is an understatement. Together with my passion, my willingness to give 100%+ and my reliability along with your love of your pets and their needs, we can give them the best life.

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