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Need To Know........

All activities are tailored to suit your dog. The size, age, ability, energy level, confidence and socialization level are all taken into account when introducing dogs into a walking or off lead group.  All new introductions are closely monitored to ensure safety of the dogs in the group. We accept all dogs regardless, although depending on temperament may mean they need a solo walk which will be determined during the Meet & Greet and may be adjusted with future walks.

Items to provide are a dog lead and harness. A harness is preferred as this does not cause damage to the thyroid, trachea, oesophagus or lymph nodes.  A harness is also required for transport in my vehicle. A coat during winter if required for the breed of dog such as Toy breeds, Whippets & Greyhounds.


Text's, photos and videos are sent to you during each activity if required. Providing peace of mind while you are away from them.

Door key/entry system information is not kept with the address and personal information. This maintains security for your property and data protection.

A First Aid kit is carried at all times, enabling them to have a cut or similar treated straight away. If necessary, a visit to your personal vet. If a vet visit is deemed necessary, we will contact you for your consent and to see if you wish to attend. In the case of an emergency, you will be contacted whilst on route to your vets.

Meet & Greet will be a time for me to get to know both you and your dog/pet. After this time a Pet Information form will need to be completed along with an agreement of care via email. My priority will be to ensure I know theirs and your needs enabling me to provide the best experience possible while in my care.  Giving a personal touch to you and your dog/pet.

Cancellation of service procedure is written in your Care Agreement please ensure you read this.

Best Practice guidelines are followed in line with the RSPCA, the Dogs Trust and the Pet Industry Federation. These can be viewed in the drop-down tab if required.

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